SAT Success Requires These Three Things

The SAT, a test that strikes fear and panic into high schoolers and their parents each year. Although the high stakes test is a dreaded rite of passage for the already stressed and overwhelmed high schooler, it does serve a purpose. There can be vast differences in standards, grading criteria, and requirements from one teacher to the next, let alone from district to district or even from state to state. Colleges need a way to measure performance and comprehension that is standardized and streamlined. Although the intended purpose sounds reasonable, there are many issues that exist with the test. Many students suffer from test anxiety and the test has morphed into being as much about test taking skills as it is about content knowledge. The test is not only important for admissions decisions, but also financial aid offerings from schools. So here are three crucial components to any SAT study and preparation plan to help reduce the anxiety and overwhelm that surrounds this important metric.