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Connecting Students to


While saving parents from the overwhelm or unknown.

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My 9th-10th Grade Student

It's never too early to start planting the seeds for success for College! 

My 11th-12th Grade Student

It's "Go" time!  These are the most crucial years as your student's journey into their success!


Marie S. - Florida

"Ashly was very responsive to communication, was able to answer each question knowledgeably and patiently and very pleasant to talk to."

Tonya & Robert - Oklahoma

I am so relieved. We have spent $1,000’s with another company to help our son David figure
out his path. David has always wanted to help people but had no idea in what area. It was
not until we were introduced to this program that we able to narrow down the focus.

Holly - Texas Student

WOW! What an experience. It was so nice to talk with someone that has experience in
school and work.   She listened to what I wanted to do and then we worked together to find the career and
school. I liked being able to use my phone for everything. It is good to have someone that I
can call if I need.


Meet Ashly Jordan, 

Founder of My Education Connections, LLC.

Ashly is a former science teacher on a mission to help students and families make informed decisions about college choice and major selection. She has helped students all over the country into top universities like MIT, and is passionate about finding the best fit for each individual student. She founded My Education Connections, LLC because she believes education is the key success, and it is possible to obtain an excellent education without the massive debt. When she is not helping clients plan for their future, she is probably watching Netflix, golfing with her husband, or spending time with her niece in her hometown of Las Vegas, NV. 

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